Gone, but Not Forgotten

The following classmate is Gone, but not Forgotten. What follows on this page is information received when notified of the death.  If there is a link in the third column, you can click on that link to read additional information. 

Mr Frank Karasienski

(received 2005-05-28)
Received from Frank Karasienski's widow Maria:
Hi, I'm Maria Karasienski, Frank's Widow and I would love to let you know some of what Frank managed to do during his lifetime. I really miss him and miss having him with us. He built buildings from Michigan to El Salvador and from New Hampshire to Denver. He completed infrastructure in Atlanta as well as many buildings in San Antonio. Of course, his classmate Don Shillcut, helped him with the Math, and boy, he really worked! That ruler was better than a computer to him. Thank you Don, for everything. Frank received a Masters and a Theologian degree. Additionally, he pastored ten little churches; all these accomplishments were a lot from one who got mad at me because I messed up his ending last in the class. Oh well! We had two boys, and now we have five granddaughters and four grandsons. Frank was a good man because while all this was going on, he fought Agent Orange(AO) and half of the diseases AO could cause. He fought them valiantly. Each and every illness he got, he fought until two years ago when he experienced a combination of stroke and a massive heart attack. When I see all he did while he fought Agent Orange, one thing after another, I'm amazed! Thank you, Don Schillcut, because without your help I would not have been able to go to the Academy for Frank's interment. The problem was that you can't save money or have insurance when you have the mess of illnesses Frank had through the years. So he died on the floor of an inner city high rise with only Joe (our son) and I to help him. He put me through Nursing school and I was there when he went. I couldn't help him; he was in unbelievable pain. AO causes great pain; yet he lived a life that was wonderfully blessed. He loved people and everyone loved him. I know his classmates loved him and I thank you all for that. Thank you for being his friend. Maria