Noon Meal Formation 1962

The design of the 1963 class crest is a product of the cumulative ideas of all the members of the class. Incorporated into the design is a cross section of the class focus and its aspirations.
The falcon has come to represent the spirit of the Wing and of the Academy and finds itself as the primary feature of the crest. The bird-of-prey is depicted ascending, taking off from the hilt of the saber with one talon just releasing its grip and the other moving upward. Symbolically we have tried to create an idea of advancement, leaving the Academy as represented by the talon leaving the hilt of the saber and the other talon reaching for the limitless sky.
Polaris, the North star, represents the training we have received, the guide for our future careers, while the five pointed star represents our class as the fifth to graduate.
Our motto, Ad Novos Mundos, "Toward New Worlds", represents our individual and class orientation to new aerospace frontiers and drive to succeed in the belief that we can help achieve Air Force and National purpose.