1963 Heritage Display - Baldachi Ceremonial Cabinet

Nino Baldachi, esteemed member of the class of 1963, exercises domain over the small ceremonial cabinet at the center of the Heritage Display

Nino, attributively, the designer of the Baldachi Bomber, the first man to fly the Atlantic solo (North to South and back again) joined the class on entry in 1959 - a spectacular May West parachute arrival enabling him to be a part of the first class to spend all four years at the permanent site.

Nino was turned back (failed to graduate) and keeps getting turned back. He is now the oldest resident cadet and singularly responsible for most non honor related Academy hi-jinx that occur from time to time. In his book, BG Robin Olds, famous fighter pilot and former Commandant, builds on the Balduchi legend (Nino's code name).

Nino's cup (NB) is visible with the special, Crystal bottled, XO brandy. The brandy will be used for last toasts by 1963 classmates.

Nino's cup will never turn.

Flanking the XO brandy are two 'Spirit of 1963' goblets used for special ceremonies by 1963 bloodline descendents, newly married graduates, Academy leadership, and, of course, Nino.

N.B. -- Annually, on 5 June, the Class graduation date, Nino hosts a toast at 1963 hours sharp. Don't miss it!