1963 Heritage Display - Cups

500 sterling silver cups (499 graduates and one honorary graduate)

All cups are engraved with the graduate's initials and name tags front each cup

The Class Cups were purchased by the 1963 Class Committee and used at graduation on 5 June 1963 and every reunion thereafter.

They commemorate 1963 as the first class to spend all four years at the permanent site and the enduring spirit and commitment to service to country of all classes and graduates.

As classmates have passed, in peace and war, their cups are turned in solemn ceremony.

The legacy and attendant responsibility of being a graduate and the shared heritage of the long blue line embody the lasting values instilled at the Academy. Here in Arnold Hall, the Class of 1963 Commemorative Cups and Heritage Display add to that reality.

The USAFA Class Histories (www.usafach.org), sponsored by the Class of 1963, is available to add to the richness of experience and contribution of all the classes of all the graduates.