1963 Heritage Display - GYR Falcon

The Icelandic (Gyr) Falcon (Male and Female - center photo above)

As displayed: A rare, hand colored, Bien edition, original Audubon Chromolithograph

   The Audubon was presented to the Academy at the 35th reunion of the Class of 1963 and is       'autographed' on the reverse by classmates.

The Air Force Academy mascot, the falcon is well known for its speed, accuracy and hunting prowess

The Gyr falcon, also called Royal falcon, is the largest and most prized of the species (left photo)

The first Gyr (Athol) was captured in Greenland and brought to the Academy in 1961

Athol, right photo above, is pictured with 1963 falconer Henry 'Hank' Juister.